Laser Treatments

At 650 microsecond pulse duration, the LightPod Neo laser energy heats the target faster, containing heat in the target for higher efficacy and less pain or pigmentary risk to surrounding skin.

LightPod Neo laser Unique Design Features:

1. Air-cooled Laser Emitter in Handpiece
  • Enables high power in gentle pulse duration
  • Eliminates costly, repair-prone fiber optic cables
  • Unique collimated beam for ease of use (distance-independent operation)
2. Compact Device Platform
  • Easy to move among treatment rooms or clinical locations
  • Lack of bulky, costly, repair-prone water circulating system
  • No warmup time and plugs into any standard (115V) receptacle


1) Hair removal: laser destruction of hairs opens up pores which can enable oxygen to enter into the pores, facilitating bactericide.

2) Collagenesis: a portion of the laser energy superheats the papillary dermis, stimulating the formation of new collagen, which helps to smooth out acne scars which commonly exist in areas affected by active acne.

3) Lack of skin contact: with the unique 650 microsecond laser technology, the LightPod Neo delivers energy with high power and a gentle pulse duration, removing the need for gels, sprays or anesthetics, and eliminating the need for contact to the skin by a handpiece. This makes the treatment much more pleasant and sanitary.

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